ucloud biz is using Intel Cloud Technology


What is cloud NAS(Network Attached Storage)?

Service provided to enable the use of high-performance NAS(Network Attached Storage) to customers of ucloud server through network

  • cloud NAS service is only provided for KOR-Central A/B Zone and KOR-Seoul M Zone. (KOR-HA Zone Scheduled to improve)

고성능의 ucloud NAS volume을 ucloud server에서 네트워크를 통하여 사용할 수 있습니다

Service Highlights

  • 01
    Volume of high-capacity NAS can be used on cloud server.
    You can mount high-capacity storage to Multi-VM through network. (up to 40VM at maximum)
  • 02
    It can automatically expand capacity or reduce size when disk capacity is insufficient.
    It automatically expands when data exceeds the requested capacity.
    Size can be reduced when the requested capacity is excessive.
  • 03
    Supporting multiprotocol: CIFS/NFS/iSCSI
  • 04
    High security is provided by VLAN configuration.

Case of Using

  • 1 Utilizing as high-capacity storage of service field with high I/O e.g. media
  • 2 Infrastructure for saving contents of sound source service
  • 3 Customers requiring high I/O and Mountable Disk e.g. medical image service
  • 4 Customers demanding high-capacity server disk
  • 5 Customers requiring data backup through using high-capacity storage
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Service rate

Type of ProductBasicStandard
Default Capacity(500GB)32/month0.045/hour
Capacity added(per 100GB)7/month0.010/hour

※ You can request up to 20TB for each ID in cloud NAS service.

※ It is available when amount of saved contents is less than 70-80% compared to the requested capacity

in case of snapshot and snapshot function is not supported when the requested capacity is insufficient.

Guide to choose Server/Storage service

Service Standard VM SSD VM SSD volume ucloud NAS ucloud Storage
Providing or non-Providing Provided Provided Provided Provided Provided
Method of provision Form of local disk NFS/CIFS/iSCSI Object Storage
IOPS Less than 2,000 Less than 15,000 6,000~20,000 Less than 2,000 -
Performance guarantee (QoS) x x o x x
Capacity expansion Manual
(LV required)
(LV required)
(LV required)
Multiple VM access/share x x x o o
(Shared by API)
Maximum capacity 300GB 500GB 800GB 10TB Limitless
Recommended use General application, Low spec DB High spec DB and application High spec DB and application File share
DB share
(low spec)
Saving original of high-capacity contents
File archiving