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What is ucloud CDN(Contents Delivery Network)?

ucloud CDN is service to stably and quickly convey contents without data loss to large-scale users.
It is service maximizing promptness and convenience by processing all procedures of service subscription, request and its opening through adopting Cloud computing technology.

ucloud CDN(Contents Delivery Network)은 콘텐츠를 데이터 손실 없이 빠르고 안정적으로
대규모 사용자에게 전달하는 서비스입니다.

Service Highlights

  • 01
    Promptness & Convenience
    You can subscribe and use service within 1 hour with simple procedures on ucloud portal without cumbersome negotiation or picky contract procedure with sales persons.
  • 02
    Cost-effective rate structure
    Without separate stipulation on initial installation cost, investment cost or use term/traffic, you are charged as much as you use.
  • 03
    Extendable traffic
    No additional investment in facilities is necessary in case of traffic congestion and increment of contents transmission traffic is automatically processed ithout customers’ involvement.
  • 04
    Credibility & Stability
    Using advanced dispersion CDN technology developed on the basis of the biggest network in the country and various service operation experiences, quick response and transmission is maintained and the service quality over 99.9% is assured.
  • 05
    Interworking with other ucloud products
    Convenient and effective interworking with other ucloud products is supported.
    ucloud server and storage can be used as origin server of CDN and in case of using ucloud storage, you can immediately use without additional server.

Service composition

  • 1 Download/Web caching service
    Providing fast and stable download/web caching service on static contents

    -Service that can be variously applied such as game distributing high-capacity file to multiple end users, multimedia contents distribution, low-capacity patch and vaccine file distribution

    ucloud CDN(Contents Delivery Network)은 콘텐츠를 데이터 손실 없이 빠르고 안정적으로 대규모 사용자에게 전달하는 서비스입니다.

  • - Service for quicker image browsing and transmission of contents in different sizes

    대용량 파일을 다수의 이용자(End user)에게 배포하는 게임, 멀티미디어 콘텐츠 배포에서부터 저용량 패치나 백신 파일 배포까지 다양하게 적용이 가능한 서비스

  • 2 Streaming service
    Providing streaming service to video contents on PC and mobile environment

    - Providing stable transmission quality without pause of buffering of high-definition video

    이미지 브라우징을 더 빠르게, 크고 작은 콘텐츠를 고속으로 브라우징 또는 전송하는 서비스

  • Video file formats supported are MP4, MP3 and FLV.

    -The formats are available ones on almost all devices, video codec is H.264 (Baseline Profile, Level 3.0 or below) and audio codec is MP4 file format using AAC-LC 128Kbps or below.
    Protocols supported are HLS and RTMP and refer to the website below for each protocol’s characteristics and supported devices.

    -HLS : http://developer.apple.com/resources/http-streaming/

    -RTMP : http://www.adobe.com/devnet/rtmp.html

  • *As the origin server, streaming service can be used only by ucloud storage.

    *User guide is posted on Support >Service use guide.

※ Traffic compression may be incurred when CDN Peak traffic generates more than 4Gbps.

If you want to use CDN service on a large scale, please request consulting through ucloud biz Support.

Service target

  • 1 Download/Web caching service
    When downloading high-capacity file and patch file on online game website
    When distributing various contents files such as media file, map, etc and patch files
    Website distributing different installation files including stock firms’ HTS and finance-related websites’ security programs
    Appropriate for shopping mall, game and portal sites that load numerous images onto the webpage
    High-capacity electronic catalog on which browsing frequently occurs
  • 2 Streaming service
    Site providing high-definition streaming service such as online lecture, entertainment, etc.
    Site requiring stable streaming service including VOD service
    Site which needs to greatly improve its frequency of exposure like online ad, event promotion
    Site providing flash video service, etc.

Service differentiation

  • 1 ucloud CDN compared to self-construction
    It not only cuts construction and maintenance cost but avoids risks of initial investment, which enables quick response to market trend along with various business attempts.
  • 2 ucloud CDN compared to domestic CDN service
    Compared to other CDN services that provide service in a few days through contents traffic estimation, negotiation on contracting matters and conclusion of contract, ucloud CDN enables customer’s prompt business by providing quick procedures on web from subscription and service opening.
    The complete meter rate is particularly expected to cut fixed cost without burdens of stipulation period and flat rate which used to be associated with CDN contract.
  • 3 ucloud CDN compared to small-scale hosting service
    Service is directly provided by utilizing the biggest network in the country so transmission quality and stability as to high-capacity traffic by large-scale users is assured over 99.9%.
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Service rate table

  • 1 Rate structure = Monthly minimum + Monthly transmission rate + Monthly rate for requests
    Monthly minimum = 18/200GB/Month (Transmission amount provided with monthly minimum = 200GB)
    Monthly transmission rate = Sum of rate from transmission amount with monthly unit by section
    Monthly rate for requests = Total number of monthly requests / 10,000 * 0.009 (0.009 per every 10,000 request)
  • 2 Transmission charging table by section
    Transmission charging table by section
    Transmission Amount (TB) Rate by Section
    0 ~ Less than 200TB (Default section) 18
    0.2TB ∼ 10TB /td> 0.094/GB
    10TB ∼ 50TB 0.085/GB
    50TB ∼ 150TB 0.075/GB
    150TB ∼ 500TB 0.056/GB
    Over 500TB 0.028/GB
  • 3 Rate for requests
    Rate for requests
    The number of requests (request/month) Rate (USD/month)
    10,000 0.009
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