ucloud biz is using Intel Cloud Technology


What is ucloud storage (Standard)?

  • It is not a file system but object storage which is accessed through simple Result API or tool and it is proper for a long term data storage rather than for real-time data.
  • Data can be uploaded/downloaded using portal, API and storage tool; is saved with 3 copies (Standard) and; can be used with quick access by download/streaming through ucloud CDN.
  • ucloud storage is based on Openstack object storage SW (swift.openstack.org), a world-class open source community and widely used and verified by many use cases and ecosystems.

ucloud storage는 포탈, API 및 스토리지 툴을 통해 업로드/다운로드가 가능하며, 고객의 데이터를 다중 복제하여 안정성이 높고, ucloud CDN과 연동을 통하여 다운로드/스트리밍으로 빠르게 접근하여 사용할 수도 있습니다.

* Openstack Object Storage(Swift)

This is a key project of Openstack community and cloud storage software providing scalable storage for peta bytes of data.
Openstack community is to produce Open source Software for building Cloud infrastructure and has more than 50 organizations worldwide including Intel, NASA, DELL, Citrix and Rackspace.
As an officially registered partner of Openstack, kt is contributing to construction and improvement of Cloud infra.

What is Object Storage?

Object Storage is highly scalable storage system to store several billions of files (objects) and tens of Petabytes of data, providing convenient interface and data stability. Main features are as follows.

  • 1 RESTful API (utilizing HTTP protocol)

    You can easily access Data within Object Storage through URL using HTTP protocol.

  • 2 High Extendibility

    Object Storage designates a location of file with a MD5 hash value instead of that of directory.
    This structure removes the existing limitation in maximum size, which is 2TB per File System structure in windows or Linux. It is also easy to disperse and extend to large storage with Petabyte scale regardless of the number of files (Object) or size of files.

  • 3 Data Safety

    Files (objects) are redundantly stored and each of the copies is stored in a distributed area and integrity is provided between them.

    서비스 요금표
    Classification Redundancy
    Ucloud storage (Standard) 3 copies
  • 4 Reasonable infra cost

    As a storage constructed based on commodity Hardware such as inexpensive server and hard drive, it is possible to provide customers with service at a low cost.

Service Highlights

  • 01
    Convenient subscription
    You can subscribe and use service within 1 hour by requesting on the web with simple procedures without contacting sales persons.
  • 02
    Pay as you go pricing according to actual usage
    Pay as you grow pricing (charging based on contents transmission amount and the number of requests) that customers are charged according to their actual usage.
  • 03
    High-capacity Traffic
    No additional investment in facilities is necessary in case of traffic congestion.
    Increment of contents traffic is automatically processed in ucloud CDN without customers’ involvement.
  • 04
    CDN interworking
    Using advanced dispersion CDN technology developed on the basis of the biggest network in the country and various service operation experiences, quick response and transmission is maintained and the service quality over 99.9% is assured.
  • 05
    High Capacity, High Scalability
    You can extend storage up to hundreds of millions of files by PB size and do not have to be concerned about big file storage.
  • 06
    Data Safety

    All files (objects) are composed in different hardware devices and stored in a different physical storage systems to secure data safety.

    서비스 요금표
    Classification Redundancy
    Ucloud storage (Standard) 3 copies

Major Functions of Product

  • 1 Each file can be uploaded up to 5 GB (when using swift tool). The number of files to store is unlimited.
    (Maxmum file size for upload when using file manager provided by portal - 1GB, the number of files for simultaneous upload – 200)
  • 2 All files are accessible with URL.
  • 3 Any REST-based tool can access ucloud storage.
    Tools that are currently available include Cyberduck, Gladinet, Cloudberry and Swift tool.
  • 4 Amazon S3 compatible APIs are provided for S3 API-based applications can be used equivalently on ucloud storage.
  • 5 It is possible to upload of both file and folder through ucloud biz portal.
  • 6 In windows environment, it can be used like local storage mounted using Gladinet.

Example of Use

  • 1 Contents saving/distribution through interworking with ucloud CDN

    ucloud storage can save various content files and compose services by prompt distribution with linkage with uloud CDN.
    It can cope with diverse demands from web service to development of applications.
    Main utilization through web service includes streaming service, web hard service, P2P service, etc.
    As the scale of users expands with text saving, photos and video clips for mobile application service, functions for saving data which is increasing geometrically and prompt calling of files upon users’ requests can be supported.

  • 2 Interwokring with application using API

    Interworking with various application and mobile application services is possible by utilizing various APIs supported by ucloud storage.
    In case of a customer equipped with development capability, storage for mass contents can be secured by using ucloud storage without burden of using additional equipment.

  • 3 High-capacity cloud storage

    It is an appropriate repository for increasing number of files.
    It is utilized to save importand data such as medical images, demographics and video materials.
    The data saved can be utilized as basic source for analysis utilizing application through API and it can also be used as storage for rapidly increasing file data.

  • 4 Data Backup

    ucloud storage is appropriate as Backup Storage for safe data storage and restoration.
    Users can make use of backup as they want with configuration on backup intervals by combining backup solution provided by kt with ucloud storage.

  • 5 Using application for Amazon S3

    Application for Amazon S3 operating home and abroad can be used on ucloud storage.
    You can be provided with existing application for S3 without modification through ucloud storage.

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  • 1 What is ucloud caching?

    ucloud caching is a service to quickly distribute or transmit video, game files and the like to the end users.
    Transmission can be simply and quickly done using download and streaming.
    Unlike existing manual way, service can be provided through automatic update within 1 minute after new original contents are uploaded.

    ucloud caching은 동영상, 게임 파일 등을 최종 사용자들에게 빠르게 배포 혹은 전송하는 서비스입니다. 다운로드 방식과 스트리밍 방식을 이용하여 간단하고 신속하게 전송할 수 있습니다. 기존의 수작업 방식과 달리 새로운 원본 컨텐츠가 올라오면 1분 안에 자동으로 업데이트 되어 서비스할 수 있습니다.

    Service Highlights

    • 01
      Mass capacity transmission
      You can transmit files regardless of their size with Block unit contents transmission.
    • 02
      Low rate
      You can save the rate on the ‘Pay as you use’ basis with the amount of network transmission.
    • 03
      Enhanced usability
      Management is more convenient with minutely TTL on which separate purge is unnecessary.
    • 04
      Flexible network
      It is of scale out structure that can flexibly deal with traffic congestion.
  • 2 API Checking and Management

    Cloud Console ucloud storageAPI Key Management

    메인에서 클라우드 콘솔을 클릭하여 ucloud storage 클릭 후 API 키 조회 클릭

  • 3 Characteristics of Service

    • Providing API for file upload and download
    • Providing API for user creation management and storage use information
    • Providing API for file box creation and management
    • Providing RESTful web API
    • Easy development and independence on client platform/development language
    • Application development of various wire-wireless storage
    • Development of various mash-up through interworking with domestic and overseas open API
    • Supporting Amazon S3 REST API
  • 4 API Documents & Use Guide

    ucloud storage API guide download

    S3 API guide

  • 6 Developers guide document and examples of API use


  • 7 Information on binding authentication

    Please utilize following information for authentication and access to ucloud storage service and also for using each Language Bindings.

    • Standard(KOR-Central) URL: https://api.ucloudbiz.olleh.com/storage/v1/auth
    • Standard(JPN) URL: https://api.ucloudbiz.olleh.com/storage/v1/authjp
    • ID: customer’s id (email)
    • PW: API key

Commercial tools for ucloud storage

  • 1 CyberduckGo
    It is freeware client program for supporting convenient upload, download and deletion of ucloud storage
    After installing Cyberduck, you can easily access ucloud storage by setting ucloud storage access information.

    Download Cyberduck profile Standard

    Download Cyberduck profile Standard

    Download Cyberduck profile Lite

  • 2 CloudBerry LabGo
    As a solution that enables file management through simple access to ucloud storage in Windows environment, Cloudberry Explorer is file upload/download tool with familiar UI like Windows Explorer.
    Cloudberry Backup is a tool to back up files on ucloud storage with various options.

    “caution : When you set up a public access to the file box, you will need additional configuration.”
    (ucloud storage API See Chapter 11 guide)

    Download cloudBerry

  • 3 Swift-CLIGo
    Swift-CLI is command interface-based tool developed by Openstack Community.
    follows apache license 2.0.
  • 4 NetDriveGo
    NetDrive is a client program that can be used like files saved in a local directory by connecting to the ucloud storage in Windows or Mac environment. The NetDrive will be mounted as a virtual drive (in Windows) or a volume (in Mac) when users click on the connection button after setting ucloud storage access information, allowing them to use a number of programs as easily as those in a USB disk connected to their own PCs.
Refer to each company’s webpage as to license of tools presented above.
KT is not authorized to develop/modify aforementioned tools or liable for problems occurring in the use of the tools.
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Service rate

  • 1 ucloud storage Rate Structure

    Rate Structure (unit of month) = Reserve rate + Transmission rate

  • 2 ucloud storage Reserve rate

    Monthly reserve amount: Value of sum of daily peak point with monthly unit in reserve divided by the number of days in a month
    Example) Monthly reserve amount = (2GB + 100GB + … + 1TB )/30 day = ??? GB

    Rate of use = “Sum of rate for monthly reserve amount by section”

    Monthly reserve rate by section

    서비스 요금표
    Sections for Reserve Amount Monthly Rate by Section(USD/GB)
    ~Less than 10TB (Default section) 0.028
    10TB ~ 100TB 0.026
    100TB ~ 1,000TB 0.024
    Over 1,000TB 0.023
  • 3 Transmission rate

    Only rate of outbound traffic applied

    No charging on traffic between ucloud storage and ucloud server (However, ucloud server -> ucloud storage traffic charged on ucloud server)

    No charging on traffic between ucloud storage and CDN

    Sum of rate from transmission amount with monthly unit by section

    Sections for Transmission Amount (Month)Rate by Section(USD/GB)
    Less than 1TB0.000
    1TB ~ 10TB0.085
    10TB ~ 20TB0.075
    Over 20TB0.066

Details for calculating rates

  • 1 Unit Conversion

    Reserve amount: 1,048,576 MB = 1,024 GB = 1 TB (1,024 unit used)
    - Monthly rate(Standard) = 102 GB * 0.055 = 5.61/month
    - Monthly rate(Lite) = 102 GB * 0.046 = 4.692/month

    Transmission amount: 1,048,576MB = 1,024GB = 1TB(1,024 unit used)

  • 2 Rate Calculation

    Reserve amount : Raising of 1 GB unit and charging
    Monthly rate (Standard) = 102 GB * 0.028 = 2.856/month

    Transmission amount : Raising of 1 GB unit and charging
    Example) Monthly transmission amount = 1,124.032 GB/month = 1,125 GB/month
    Monthly rate = (1,125 – 1,024GB) * 0.085= 8.585/month

    Emission of below \10 in calculating monthly aggregate rate

  • 3 Example of Rate Calculation

    Service subscribed on May 25th
    Calculation method if used on 25th (10GB), 26th(20GB), 27th(30GB), 28th(20GB), 29th(100GB), 30th(1,000GB) and 31st(1,000GB)
    (10 + 20 + 30 + 20 + 100 + 1,000 + 1,000) / 31days = 70.32GB = 71GB

    * When calculating reserve amount to process with monthly unit, divide sum of daily peak point in reserve by the number of days in the month.

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Guide to choose Server/Storage service

Service Standard VM SSD VM SSD volume ucloud NAS ucloud Storage
Providing or non-Providing Provided Provided Provided Provided Provided
Method of provision Form of local disk NFS/CIFS/iSCSI Object Storage
IOPS Less than 2,000 Less than 15,000 6,000~20,000 Less than 2,000 -
Performance guarantee (QoS) x x o x x
Capacity expansion Manual
(LV required)
(LV required)
(LV required)
Multiple VM access/share x x x o o
(Shared by API)
Maximum capacity 300GB 500GB 800GB 10TB Limitless
Recommended use General application, Low spec DB High spec DB and application High spec DB and application File share
DB share
(low spec)
Saving original of high-capacity contents
File archiving

Service Manual