VPC provides independent Private Cloud environment within kt Cloud Data Center and through VPC, Customizing and Provisioning of individual network can be conducted the same as existing private environment.

Service Highlights

VPC 서비스 구성도

  • 01
    Cloud service can be used as the private environment by providing each customer with exclusive racks
  • 02
    Accommodated in kt’s high integrated/efficiency cloud data center, 10Gbps broadband network is provided and cloud infra can be stably utilized.
  • 03
    System configuration is optimally provided depending on customer’s intention of use through customized consulting.
  • 04
    Hybrid Cloud is supported through connection with corporate client’s IT infra (e.g.: Data Center).

Key function

  • 1 Virtual Private (Service to provide exclusive rack)
    By providing Dedicated Hardware to certain customer, use of independent resources guaranteed
    Provided based on one Rack or half a Rack
  • 2 Bare Metal supported
    Providing high-performance physical server within Cloud environment, large-scale system being accommodated in Cloud environment 3 Site to Site VPN
  • 3 Site to Site VPN
    Connecting corporate client’s website which exists outside the cloud environment and customer’s cloud environment through private network to expand customer’s data center flexibility and provide hybrid cloud environment
  • 4 Direct Connect
    Supporting connection to corporate client’s website through dedicated line upon customer’s request
  • 5 Providing Public/Private VLAN
    Creating multiple VLAN and allocating them to each VM group (e.g.: Web-Tier, App-Tier, DB-Tier) and providing routing and firewall setting function on external network or between VLAN to reinforce security
  • 6 Appliance Deploy
    Supporting application of H/W-based appliance to cloud environment
  • 7 Supporting multi accounts within portal
    Providing account management by offering corporate client admin account; integrated View/Control function on entire resource and integrated charging function
  • 8 Monitoring provided
  • 9 Managed service
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Targeted customer

  • 1 Customer who wants to exclusively use dedicated cloud environment, not sharing resources with other customers
  • 2 Customer who wants to reduce operation/maintenance cost of their own data processing room or data center
  • 3 Customer who needs prompt expansion of currently operated system

Application cases

  • Enterprise’s high-security internal service (ERP/CRM, etc.)
  • IT service such as mass capacity game, media, etc.
  • Public service on government/financial institution/school
  • Server-based B2B business