SSD Server

SSD Server is SSD(Solid State Disk) storage-based and it is appropriate for customers who need high-performance DB server with quick random I/O access to data.

What is SSD server?

Provision of server with high I/O performance greatly helps business process of customers who need quick random I/O access to data.
SSD Server is an SSD(Solid State Disk) storage-based and it is appropriate for customers who need high-performance DB server.

  • SSD-based cloud server for high-performance DB service
  • Providing over three times quicker Disk I/O as SSD-based cloud server
  • Offering optimum infra for real-time game service

Service Highlights

  • 01
    High I/O performance on data guaranteed
    (Over three times better performance provided in comparison with general SAS Disk)
  • 02
    Providing excellent performance for database or game service which respectively requires high-performance work load and quick loading
  • 03
    Availability of costly SSD infra at a low cost On-Demand

Case study

  • 1 Game server (N Game Company)
    For online game’s nature, SSD storage of ucloud SSD server product is applied to handle transaction of a large amount of Disk I/O per hour.
    High Performance Cloud composed interworking with High IOPS VM(Full SSD VM) for mass storage (NAS) and high-performance DB

Service rate

  • 1 SSD server

    (Unit: (USD)/month,hour,VAT excluded)

    vCore Memory SSD(GB) Hourly Rate Monthly Rate
    8 16 200 0.565 406
    12 24 300 0.846 609
    16 32 400 1 812
    16 60 500 2 1,625
  • 2 Providing additional disk

    (Unit: (USD)/month,hour,VAT excluded)

    SSD Disk 요금표
    Classification, Unit Monthly Rate(KRW/month) Hourly Rate(KRW/hour)
    Additional SSD Disk per add 10GB (maximum 200GB) 6 0.009

    * Additional SSD Disk is provided to Central-B zone. (Not to Central-A zone)

    * When SSD VM that needs additional SSD disk, select Central-B zone for creation.

  • 3 Network

    Monthly usage less than 2 TB per cloud server: Free Free
    Monthly usage by customer (on an ID basis) over 2 TB: Refer to the table below Refer to the table below

    ※ Only outbound traffic is charged (Inbound traffic free of charge)

    (Unit: (USD)/GB,VAT excluded)

    네트워크 요금표
    Classification Usage Section Application by Cloud server Application by Customer (by ID)
    under 2 TB per Cloud server 2TB ~ 10TB 10TB ~ 20TB over 20TB
    Meter-rate Unit cost by section (per GB) Free 0.082 0.073 0.064
    Flat Rate
    (monthly unit)
    30TB/month 1,802/month
    50TB/month 2,703/month
  • 4 cloud NAS

    Service to provide high-performance NAS(Network Attached Storage) to ucloud server customer through network

    Cloud NAS 요금표
    Classification Basic Standard
    Default capacity(1,000GB) 32/month 0.045/hour
    Additional capacity(per 100GB) 7/month 0.010/hour
    Snapshot Free

    * Cloud NAS service can be requested online up to 10TB per account and if you need more than 10TB, contact to the customer center.

    * Snapshot can be requested when stored amount compared to requested capacity is below 70~80% and the requested capacity is not enough, Snapshot function is not supported.

  • 5 Additional Public IP

    (Unit: (USD)/month,hour,VAT excluded)

    Classification Unit Monthly Rate(KRW/month) Hourly Rate(KRW/hour)
    Additional Public IP per 1 IP 5 0.007
  • 6 Operating System

    (Unit: (USD)/month,hour,VAT excluded)

    Operating System Rate (per Cloud server)
    Monthly Rate(KRW/month) Hourly Rate(KRW/hour)
    Windows Windows Server 2008 Enterprise (32,64 bit) 19/month 0.026/hour
    Windows server 2012 Standard (64 bit)
    Linux Cent OS 5.8 (32,64 bit) free
    Cent OS 6.3 (32,64 bit)
    CentOS 6.4 32bit (xen620)
    CentOS 6.4 64bit (xen620)
    Ubuntu 10.04 (32,64 bit)
    Ubuntu 12.04 (32,64 bit)
    Debian 7 32bit (xen620)
    Debian 7 64bit (xen620)  
    Fedora13 (64 bit)  
    Linux Enterprise SuSE Linux enterprise10, 11 (32,64bit) BYOL (Bring Your Own License)

    * In case of Linux Enterprise, you should directly purchase/apply the license and contact to the customer center as to this matter.

    * Ubuntu12.04 is provided as shared image

  • 7 Snapshot/Image

    (Unit: (USD)/GB,VAT excluded)

    Classification Monthly Rate(KRW/month) Remark
    Snapshot 0.109/GB * Rate calculation on the prorated daily basis when deleted in the middle of the month
    Image 0.109
  • 8 SQL Server Rate System

    (Unit: USD,VAT excluded)

    vCore SQL Server Standard Edition SQL Server Enterprise Edition
    Monthly Rate Hourly Rate Monthly Rate Hourly Rate
    1 135 0.282 270 0.563
    8 283 0.394 540 0.750
    12 425 0.590 811 1.126
    16 567 0.787 1,081 1.502
  • 9 Selectable cloud server specification by OS

    SSD server

    Classification 8vCore
    Windows WIN 2008 32bit    
    WIN 2012 64bit
    Linux CentOS 32bit    
    Ubuntu 32bit/64bit
    Debian 32bit/64bit
    Fedora 64bit
    SuSE 32bit    

Guide to choose Server/Storage service

Service Standard VM SSD VM SSD volume ucloud NAS ucloud Storage
Providing or
Provided Provided Provided Provided Provided
Method of provision Form of local disk NFS/CIFS/
IOPS Less than
Less than
Less than
guarantee (QoS)
x x o x x
Capacity expansion Manual (LV required) Manual (LV required) Manual (LV required) Automatic
Multiple VM
x x x o o(Shared by
Maximum capacity 300GB 500GB 800GB 10TB Limitless
Recommended use General
Low spec
High spec
DB and
High spec
DB and
File share
DB share
(low spec)
Saving original of
File archiving