Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud composition to flexibly maximize utilization of resources is simple and easy by connecting basic products of kt public cloud and customer's Legacy system. On the basis of kt's Cloud competence and the company's IDC and network competence, the service is provided to facilitate composition optimized to customer system.


Corporates are adopting public cloud in scope of low-risk, small web service up to big-scale businesses and core tasks. Consequently, efficiency in public cloud is increasingly necessary in many circumstances to maintain the current Legacy system with systems already constructed/invested and client company's security policy. In various formats including Baremetal system within cloud, kt IDC interworking by using CIP internal network and Network composition for interworking with external center, Hybrid Cloud, that kt provides facilitates corporate customers to make economical composition for optimized IT systems.

Hybrid Cloud 서비스 구성도

  • 01
    Hybrid composition with bare metal within cloud
    kt's public cloud service not only provides virtual server(VM) promptly but also enables to add and compose non-virtualized H/W such as Baremetal server, storage etc that customer wants. Hybrid cloud composition using Baremetal facilitates both performance and efficiency of corporate system.

    • 1Connecting to internal network (CIP) separated from service network
      For interworking of virtual server(VM) and Baremtal server, 10Gbps high-speed network is to be composed with service network and a separate CIP(Cloud Internal Path). Hybrid Cloud composition is available without any influence on internet bandwidth through service network.
    • 2 Supporting BYOL license policy such as Oracle
      Due to issues on S/W license policy and technical support installed on server, it is sometimes more desirable to install on Baremetal than on virtual server(VM). A typical example is BYOL(Bring Your Own License) policy of Oracle and Oracle DB S/W is physical server-based user's license policy and technical support is not guaranteed on virtualized server. Example of use) RAC duplex composition of Oracle DB with HP DL380 server
    • 3 Supporting system configuration of high-performance I/O
      You can make exclusive composition for server and storage from general server to Fusion I/O servers etc to meet extremely high-performance I/O process and CPU capacity which are not supported by VM server, a promptly provided standardized product. Example of use) Using high-performance game DB server with Fusion I/O server, High CPU analysis processing with 4 socket CPU server, etc.
  • 02
    customer system and Hybrid composition of kt IDC co-location
    To promptly and economically provide Hybrid cloud to co-location customer, ucloud biz offers network connection exclusive for CIP-Hybrid between IDC and Cloud. Through this, kt IDC's customer can easily secure flexibility of serviced server and network without any changes on composition of existing system through Hybrid Cloud composition. With Hybrid Cloud as the no.1 kt IDC and Cloud are combined, it provides differentiated customer value and economic efficiency.

    kt IDC 코로케이션의 고객 시스템과 Hybrid 구성

    • 1Connection with Giga-level exclusive line(CIP-Hybrid) between Data Centers
      Through interworking with 10Giga exclusive line for Cloud zone (Seoul M, Cheonan) and main kt IDC, it is provided as VLAN for each customer. It can be far more economically used than customer exclusive line composition and it is more stable than VPN composition through public network.
    • 2Providing differentiated Hybrid cloud for kt IDC customer
      You can expand system without changing the existing system configuration of kt IDC or network. When switching the customer server room system to Cloud, you can compose existing core system on IDC with Hybrid Cloud as well.
  • 03
    Hybrid composition with external system and exclusive line/MPLS-VPN interworking
    Composition of exclusive line and MPLS-VPN can be made for interworking of external Support/computer room or of IDC's customer system and kt cloud. With our high-quality network product, we provide stable interworking and upon a package deal with Hybrid Cloud, we offer the service at an economical rate.

    외부시스템과 전용회선/MPLS-VPN 연동으로 Hybrid 구성

    • 1 Economical use through package deal with products of kt exclusive line
      When security regulations are required in case of financial sectors etc and when bandwidth requires firm guarantee, interworking of customer's exclusive line is available. Interworking composition can also be made with MPLS-VPN line through premium network. Upon Hybrid Cloud composition, the rate is reduced for package deal with our company's network product. (separate estimate upon consulting)
    • 2Interworking of tunneling(IP-Sec) through public network with VPN composition
      Connection with cloud can be made through public network with external customer system and Site-to-site VPN(IP-Sec).

Service rate

  • 1 Hybrid Cloud

    Network product for Hybrid Cloud interworking

    Unit:USD/month(vat excluded)

    표준상품 서비스 요금표
    Classification NW product Classification Target DC Speed Payment Remark
    ucloud biz supplementary product CIP Inside the Cloud DC Cheonan, Mokdong , Gimhae (within zone, between zone within DC) 18
    Between Cloud DC Cheonan Cloud - Mok-dongCloud 94
    Within the same DC Mok-dong IDC ↔ Mok-dong Cloud Maximum 100Mbps 94 Installation fee 283/CIP
    Maximum 500Mbps 189
    Maximum 1Gbps 283
    Connection between DC Bundang IDC ↔ Mok-dong Cloud
    Mok-dong IDC ↔ Cheonan Cloud
    Bundang IDC ↔ CheonanCloud(make another inquiry)
    Maximum 100Mbps 189 Installation fee 283/CIP
    Maximum 500Mbps 378
    Maximum 1Gbps 567
    Control-type VPN Mok-dong Cloud,
    Cheonan Cloud
    ↔ External center IP-SEC VPN
    Public VPN Mok-dong Cloud,
    Cheonan Cloud
    ↔ External center 10Mbps ~
    Maximum 30Mbps
    10Mbps per
    NW Product Exclusive line Mok-dong Cloud,
    Cheonan Cloud
    ↔ External center Agreed price
    (1-year or longer contract)
    It is a separate product, not included in cloud SLA.
    MPLS-VPN Mok-dong Cloud,
    Cheonan Cloud
    ↔ External center Agreed price
    (1-year or longer contract)

    * CIP-Hybrid is of 1-year contract (cancellation fee incurred depending on the number of residue months). Consult for how long does it take to install cable in advance.

    * It is recommended to make duplex composition for network interworking between systems for stable Hybrid composition. (Single composition can be made for controlled access.)

  • 2 Add CIP(Cloud Internal Path)

    (USD / month, USD / hour, VAT excluded)

    CIP(Cloud Internal Path) 추가
    Classification Unit Monthly rate(KRW/month) Hourly rate(\/hour) Remark
    add CIP 1 CIP per 18 0.026 - Subnet / 27 (21 IP used): default free
    - Subnet /26(53 IP used) : 9 Add
    - Subnet /25(117개 IP used) : 18 Add
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