ucloud biz is using Intel Cloud Technology


What is GSLB?

While conventional DNS service distributes the same IP regardless of status of server equipment, GSLB optimizes your connections by distributing IP based server equipment statuses and allocating you to the best connection possible.
With GSLB, you have diverse server load balancing, access to DR(Disaster Recovery), and cloud service as backup center for Legacy systems and etc.

해당 구성도는 Active-Backup 구성 예시로, GSLB서비스는 서버(장비)의 상태정보를 확인 후 IP 정보를 배포함으로써, 최적의 서버(장비)로 연결시키는 기능을 제공합니다.

Service Highlights

  • 01
    Quadruple physical servers for data protection and server stability
    Along with our partnerships on Mokdong ICC and Cheonan CDC, we can provide services with the best stability.
  • 02
    Easy to use via uCloud biz
    Automations on all online functions maximizes customer convenience.
    • For CNAME mapping on GSLB to customer-owned domain, we recommend directly requesting for Auth DNS from your service provider.

Service Utility

  • 1 For providing failover for virtual servers in olleh ucloud
  • 2 For improving connection availability through traffic distribution on each region
  • 3 For ensuring service availability through DR options (Disaster Recovery)
  • 4 As backup centers for existing Legacy systems
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Service rate

  • 1 Basic use rate: 46/month
    Registering domain (CNAME) and 2 IP
  • 2 Charge for additional IP registration: 19/IP/month