ucloud biz is using Intel Cloud Technology


Service Highlights

  • 01
    Realizing performance and availability for key business with low TCO
    Providing amazing data warehouse performance up to 10 times through CommonStore function in memory
    Windows Server Core version to enhance security and increase operational time
    More than 70,000 partners, high-level support and system center operators to support preventive problem solving
  • 02
    Providing new insight through extensive data search applied to entire organization
    PowerPivot provided to Excel as default and Power View for great data visualization and extensive adoption
    Providing agility with end user by enterprise security through SharePoint and self service BI in which security and control are balanced
    Enhancing productivity and data accuracy and default provided through DQS(Data Quality Services) and BI meaning system model
  • 03
    Constructing business solution promptly depending on circumstances on public or private cloud
    Providing flexible virtualization license
    Providing flexibility, on-premise and cloud selecting by realizing hybrid IT
    Supporting Windows Azure Marketplace, data synchronization and unstructured data and expanding to cloud through interop on PHP and Java

Service provided

  • 1 MS-SQL 2008 R2 STD/ENT(64bit)
  • 2 MS-SQL 2012 STD/ENT(64bit)
  • 3 MS-SQL 2014 STD/ENT(64bit)
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Service rate

  • 1 SQL Server rate system

    SQL Server 2014, 2012 and 2008R2 provided

    (Unit: USD,VAT excluded)

    SQL Server Price Table
    vCore SQL Server Standard Edition SQL Server Enterprise Edition
    Monthly Hourly Monthly Hourly
    1 135 0.282 270 0.563
    8 283 0.394 540 0.750
    12 425 0.590 811 1.126
    16 567 0.787 1,081 1.502

    * Rate for ucloud server and windows is separately charged.
    (Refer to ucloud server product introduction for charging in detail.)

    * In accordance with Microsoft policies, SQL Server Standard Edition only supports 4vCore or below.