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ucloud DB(Database Service)

The first in the country! True Cloud Computing service!
Hard to construct database? Do you want to simply and promptly use as much as you need?
Make use of ucloud DB database service!

ucloud DB는 사용자가 MY-SQL데이터베이스를 통해 손쉽게 DB서버 생성 요청 및 관리할 수 있습니다.데이터베이스 운영에 필요한 BIN LOG+Back up , Parameter Group, Data ADD 등의 기능을 자동 혹은 웹상에서 간단한 조작으로 수행할 수 있습니다

Service Highlights

  • 01
    Easy and convenient management on database
    Functions required for database management including patch, setting, scale and monitoring can be automatically performed with simple web operations, which minimizes users' burdens on database management.
  • 02
    Easy database transfer
    You can easily use by interworking with ucloud DB service without modifying existing database applications and 3rd party tools.
  • 03
    Providing automatic patch function
    Application patch in database in use is automatically processed without separate management during the maintenance period set by users.
  • 04
    Optimization of computer resource management
    It can flexibly respond to increase in database usage through scaling function assigned to database and provides database setting optimized to the amount of computing resources in use.
  • 05
    Convenient Monitoring
    Items that users should notice with using database in real time are provided by monitoring.
    Users can conveniently and quickly understand the current state of database they use through monitoring provided by ucloud DB service.
  • 06
    Multi Availability Zone
    Availability is enhanced as server can be respectively created in 2 zones (KOR-Central A/B, KOR-HA Zone) which are physically and geographically separated.

Comparison with physical servers DB

물리서버 컴퓨팅과 비교표
Classification Physical server-based Database ucloud DB
Cost Reduction - Purchasing cost for Hardware including spare capacity
Operation costs such as Network/Field/Electricity incurred
Sunk costs incurred when terminating a period necessary
- Use of capacity as much as needed, Charged by usage
- Reduction on additional operation costs
- No sunk costs incurred when terminating service
Extendability - Limited physical capacity on an existing system
- Addition/Replacement of Hardware required for expanding capacity
- Able to easily expand by adding virtual server(VM)
Promptness Installation time such as Delivery and Installation required - Service provided within 5 minutes by automatically assigning resources
- Providing ADMIN function as service
Stability Out of service with Hardware errors
- System Redundancy required in case of errors.
- Switch to spare Cloud resources, Prompt recovery from errors
- System Redundancy Unnecessary

Major Functions

  • 1 Providing Read Replica-based extendability
    As web applications are highly subject to horizontal expansion (Scale Out) due to characteristics of service, ucloud DB is equipped with extendability to respond to this trend In regard to extendability from the view of database reading and writing, most of web applications involve more reading operations than that of writing.
    To support this kind of characteristic, Read Replica-oriented expandability is provided.
    Function of creating Read Replica
    Function of controlling Read Replica
    Function of Creating/Deleting/controlling DB Instance
    Function of management and control in Replica Group
    Function of Binary Log management
  • 2 Supporting MY-SQL Multi Version
    It provides a function to add InnoDB engine of MY-SQL 5.5 version to service which is more stable than MY-SQL 5.1 currently offered by ucloud DB and is with 3-4 times stronger performance at maximum.
    Function to manage MY-SQL 5.5 template
    Function to manage MY-SQL 5.5 parameter
    Function to manage MY-SQL Multi Version
  • 3 Security Function Enhancement
    One of the biggest issues of Cloud service is security.
    By enhancing security for prevention of hacking on users' systems and enabling users to safely use service, users can take advantage of network security function which blocks inappropriate network access or permits network access only in a certain system.
    Function to manage database access control group
    Function of applying and managing rules on groups of access restrictions
    Management on item of DB Instance access control
    Function to issue and manage ucloud DB certificate
    Function to manage MY-SQL TLS secure access
    Function of firewall management
  • 4 Providing Open API function
    Functions of ucloud DB service currently provided by web portal are offered as Open API in accordance with KT standard.
  • 5 Providing high specification database VM
    High specification database VM(12vCore 32GB) of Scale Up structure is provided to customers demanding high-performance database.
    Supporting Cent OS(64 bit) 32GB memory
    Creating and managing high specification ucloud DB template
  • 6 Providing expansion in range of DB tuning parameter setting
    Database tuning parameters that customers can directly set are provided from expanding by 50 items.
    Function to set up MY-SQL 5.1 parameter added
    Function to set up MY-SQL 5.5 parameter added
    Providing record on additional parameter setting and function of application
  • 7 Advancement of user and administrator function
    Existing user UX is improved and API functions for admnistrators are provided.

Service Composition

ucloud DB서비스 구성표
Classification Characteristics Note
OS & DB - Linux(CentOS)
- MY-SQL 5.1 community version
- Providing default Admin function for use of DataBase
Function - Add Capacity
- Product Change (scale up/down by selecting superordinate product)
- Parameter Management
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Service rate

  • 1 ucloud DB

    (Unit : (USD)/GB, VAT excluded)

    Specification included in Default Monthly Rate(month) Hourly Rate(hour)
    CPU Memory Disk
    (vCore) (GB) (GB)
    1 1 100 28 0.040
    1 2 43 0.060
    2 2 57 0.080
    2 4 84 0.118
    2 8 140 0.195
    4 4 113 0.157
    4 8 169 0.235
    4 16 279 0.388
    8 8 227 0.315
    8 16 337 0.468
    8 32 557 0.774
    12 16 394 0.547
    12 32 615 0.855
  • 2 Storage


    (Data Region)
    per add 10GB per month 0.631 per hour 0.001
  • 3 Backup


    백업 추가 요금표
    Storage (Data Region) per 10GB per month 1 per hour 0.001
  • 4 Network

    Monthly usage less than 100 GB per VMFree
    Monthly usage by customer (on an ID basis) over 100 GBRefer to the table below.
    Classification Application by VM Application by Customer (by ID)
    Less than 100 GB per VM 100 GB ~ 10 TB 10 TB ~ 20 TB Over 20TB
    Discount rate - - 11% 22%
    Rate by Section 0 0.082 0.073 0.064

    * Public IP Usage Section (including both of Upload/Download) network usage-based charging
    Charging example of Cloud Server (2 VM), monthly usage of 13TB

    * 1,086 [(100GB*2*0won) + (10TB - 100GB * 2) * 0.085 + (13TB - 10TB) * 0.075]

    * Calculation based on accumulation by monthly unit (In case of a customer using short-time plan, above data transmission amount is charged by monthly accumulation regardless of termination.)

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