Best quality and powerful security! ucloud biz, Korea's no.1 corporate cloud product.

Server CLOUD SERVER Product

Within a few minutes, compose necessary computing resources through stable and high-quality cloud server based on KT CLOUD platform.

Database DATABASE Product

The first in the country! True Cloud Computing service! Hard to construct database? Do you want to simply and promptly use as much as you need? Make use of ucloud DB database service!.


ucloud storage(Standard) is a Cloud storage service which provides easy saving of big data files and media contents and infinite extendability.
Service provided to enable the use of high-performance NAS(Network Attached Storage) to customers of ucloud server through network.

Security managed security

Managed Security service is to provide professional and continuous security management to VPC and server customers through operation management experts.

Network GSLB

With form developed from conventional DNS service, it distributes IP information after checking status of server and provides function to make connection to optimum server (equipment)

Management disaster recovery

Stable, effective and usage-based disaster recovery infra service.